What is Psychotherapy?

Psychotherapy is commonly used for problems that have built up over a number of years. Some people refer to psychotherapy as a talking treatment because the journey is one made in dialogue with a therapist. Together we meet weekly for regularly scheduled sessions where we focus on the source of a problem as well as its manifestations. Clarifying positive or anxious feelings and helping you accept your strong or weak points identifies your feelings and ways of thinking.

Over time, this encourages a deeper understanding of who one is and how these problems have developed. You then become better at coping with difficult situations and this fosters an increasing sense of independence and personal choice. In this way, for anyone willing to make a commitment to this work, exploration of both the causes and the symptoms of these problems restores the lost sense of vitality to your emotional life.

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Our Approach

Psychotherapy is a collaborative effort. This means that we work together to shed light on your past experiences and to see how these affect your life today and the way you have come to view yourself. This develops a different way of thinking about yourself, your past, present, and future.

In order to be effective, trust must be part of the therapeutic process. This is crucial. You need to feel safe and secure in the relationship in order to explore and talk freely. In this way the relationship with your therapist will help you make your own choices.

Common issues dealt with through psychotherapy include: depression, anxiety, bereavement and loss, post-traumatic stress disorder, addiction, low self-esteem, work-related issues, anger management, relationship problems and personal development.

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Psychotherapy during Covid-19

The coronavirus pandemic has changed the way we work. We continue to provide therapy services with all necessary safety measures and precautions to support those who are most in need.