Working with Families

The term family can cover a range of relationships and is generally used to describe a group of people who care about each other and call each other ‘family’. We all have different perspectives and experience life events a little differently. It’s understandable that these can make family life stressful. Relationships can become fraught when things become overwhelming leading to fights, arguments, criticism, under- or over-performance of responsibilities, and/or distancing behaviour.

Family sessions give you the dedicated space to explore all your expectations or viewpoints, including ones that have become rigid and difficult to move out of. These unhelpful patterns can be hard to change without professional aid and it is here that a therapist can help.

Our Approach

Whatever the issues may be family sessions give families the chance to express and explore their feelings in a safe, non-judgemental environment. Working alongside a therapist difficulties and differences within their relationships are clarified with the aim of improving communication and finding a way forward, together.

For some family members there may be concerns over addiction or mental illness. An individual coping with loss, trauma or other significant life changes affects other family members who must readjust to maintain relationships. In the case of separation for example parents may worry about the impact on the family or on their child’s behaviour.

As sessions progress insights are gained that relate to you individually and within the family structure. This provides you with a deeper way of looking at your family relationships, as well as how you view and treat yourself.


There is no pointless navel-gazing involved in working with Nick – his approach is unfailingly kind but also challenging, and there is never a wasted moment. If he picks you up on a detail you previously thought was insignificant or asks a question that seems obscure (and he will), trust him and go with it. All will become clear!


I have been seeing Nick for over a year, and in this short time period he has managed to change my life completely, and I will forever be grateful for that.

Always calm and confident, Nick walked me through each challenge and difficulty, throughout a mutual discussion and endless patience. In addition to being a knowledgeable and insightful professional, Nick’s kindness and sincere empathy makes him a wonderful therapist. I feel privileged to have met Nick, and I can’t imagine going through this process with anyone else. Thank you Nick


Finding someone you connect with and who quickly understands your issues can be a daunting task, but Nick helped me realise that I didn’t need feel overwhelmed by all the plates I was spinning and we have since been working together to help rebuild my confidence and fully engage with and appreciate life again.

If you are looking for psychological freedom from your troubles and to live a happier, joyful life, then I would highly recommend HTP, and suggest you get in touch Nick when you finish reading this. I think he’ll give you a free first consultation, so what’s there to lose.


I started sessions with Nick to overcome a number of emotional issues that left me completely overwhelmed, anxious and depressed. I found the sessions instantly helpful, simply knowing that Nick was listening to me, understanding my difficulties and offering care and attention. Through the sessions, I was able to view my problems and my life in a completely different light. This has helped in ways I never  thought possible


The initial discomfort of feeling the need to seek help soon ebbed away as Nick’s open , non-formulaic and inspiring approach first challenged me to reconsider my view of myself but also , the world around me. I found our sessions frequently to be both a source of thought provoking insight and a focal point to a more reasoned and energised future. I now truly appreciate the time I spent with Nick and consider him to be the significant inspiration to my ongoing well being. Thank you , Nick!


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